Employee handles steam boiler plant

Maintenance by Our Technicians

According to the valid EN regulations, the boiler subject to approval must be serviced at least every six months, in case of malfunctions even more often, by the delivery service of a specialist company.

As these boiler plants usually have a long service life and every hour of production loss causes enormous consequential costs, you as the operator of such a plant should take this to heart. This is especially true in terms of foresighted maintenance. Practical experience shows that most of the components fail insidiously and could therefore be replaced in good time when the Achenbach specialist was on site.

This maintenance service is carried out reliably, quickly and cost-effectively by the service technicians of Achenbach GmbH.

Boiler Ceaning

We are also there for you in the unfavourable event that deposits have formed in your boiler on the water or flue gas side, disrupting the heat transfer, causing damage and in any case chasing a lot of money through the chimney. Our very experienced specialists clean the affected areas so that the boiler can work 100% again.

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