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Steam Boilers from Achenbach

Design, Construction and Installation

Achenbach GmbH specialises in the design, construction, assembly and maintenance of steam boilers and the associated plant technology. The boiler forge Achenbach & Sohn was founded in 1890. This became Achenbach GmbH in 1987. For more than 125 years, the name Achenbach has stood for steam boiler competence.

The industrial revolution really took off with the development of the steam engine. The energy of steam generated in steam boilers was used as a driving force for machines and for heating. Against this background, Heinrich Achenbach founded a boiler forge in Plettenberg-Ohle in 1890.

Steam Boilers – Competence for More Than 125 Years

  • While steam was also used as a driving force in small companies at the beginning of the 20th century, today it is primarily thermal aspects, hygiene and environmental protection that drive the use of steam boilers.
  • From 1890 to 1987 steam boilers were manufactured in the family business Achenbach & Sohn. Highest quality in steam boiler production was the guiding principle. Numerous steam boilers from Achenbach from that time testify to this, which are still in operation today with high efficiencies and to the complete satisfaction of the customers. We would be pleased to visit with you boilers that are still being re-tubed after 50 years and more in operation.
  • Achenbach GmbH was founded in 1987. Here, a highly specialized engineering team of technicians and engineers concentrates on steam boilers and the associated plant technology: Design, delivery and installation, optimization and maintenance from a single source!

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