Detail of an Achenbach steam boiler

Custom-Made Steam Boilers

The steam boilers designed and supplied by Achenbach are mainly industrial boilers of the shell boiler type – also known as flame-tube boilers or flame-tube flue-tube boilers due to the flame tube they contain. In contrast to a water tube boiler, the flue gas in the flame tube boiler is conducted through tubes.

Our Steam Boiler Competence

  • Gas-fired or oil-fired steam boilers with steam outputs up to 30 t/h –
    in the range 0.5-30 bar gauge pressure – corresponding to temperatures from 111-235°C
  • Waste heat steam generators with capacities up to 25 t/h – for the resource-saving use of waste heat in an industrial process
  • Hybrid steam boilers or also self-fired steam boilers – a combination of burner firing and waste heat boiler – for particularly efficient use of waste heat at peak times
  • SPS according to your individual requirements – alternatively a normal switch cabinet in the version for the robust application

Tailor-Made Solutions

Achenbach supplies tailor-made solutions for your boiler house: from feed water treatment to the complete system with steam boiler including economiser, superheater and the required peripherals. Even the nozzle position on the boiler body can be adjusted if it shortens boiler replacement and thus standstill.

Achenbach also installs complete steam boiler systems in special mobile containers if no boiler house is available or to be used.

Versatile Applications

The user industries for Achenbach boilers in industry are versatile: The boiler plants generate steam that can store and transport considerably more energy than water. They are therefore always used when a lot of heat is needed. Typical examples are technical processes in the paper, foam or wood industry. High-pressure steam boilers are also used in food production, such as in breweries, large bakeries and laundries.

When implementing a project, the current international standards are taken into account. We will be happy to provide you with reference plants from your industry. With Achenbach boilers you can use steam as a heat transfer medium and the existing expertise to save energy!

You benefit from the experience gained since 1890 and from hundreds of installed Achenbach steam boiler plants and boiler houses worldwide.

Economiser Increases Energy Efficiency

The Economiser (ECO) has an important function: It is connected downstream of the feed water treatment system and enables a considerable increase in the overall efficiency through the utilisation of the residual heat. Depending on the project, several economisers can be connected in series – according to your individual needs.


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