Detail of the steam boiler engineering of Achenbach

Engineering by Achenbach

Achenbach understands engineering as applied, practical science. The steam boiler specialists know almost everything about the efficient use of steam as a heat transfer medium and about saving energy costs by means of heat recovery.

In cooperation with you as our customer, Achenbach will find the tailor-made, practical solutions with the shortest payback times. Achenbach's team of experts is passionately dedicated to the intelligent combination of cold and hot heat flows to increase energy efficiency.

Our engineering includes e.g.

  • Determination of the framework conditions for the installation of a boiler
  • Customer-specific design and construction of boiler plants
  • Special solutions in the area of Achenbach's waste heat boilers
  • Consideration of the different standards applicable worldwide
  • Turnkey boiler plants as mobile special containers
  • Compilation of the feed water treatment adapted to your requirements

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