Detail of Achenbach mobile steam boiler in container

The Mobile Solution: Steam Boiler Containers

You do not have enough space for a boiler house? You need the area of your existing boiler house as additional production area? The old boiler house no longer complies with the regulations? Achenbach offers you the mobile solution and installs the steam generation in a special container for you.

The Advantages

  • The steam generation module including water treatment is delivered ready for connection by Achenbach.
  • When everything is prepared well, the connection takes 6 hours or less.
  • A later relocation is fast, inexpensive and easy to carry out.
  • Nothing stands in the way of resale. The complete steam boiler container can be easily hooked up and transported.

Even the most unusual installation situations, e.g. on the roof of an administration building, have already been realised by Achenbach. Achenbach steam containers add an extra dimension.

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