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Energy Consulting from Achenbach

Do you know that an Economiser may pay for itself within a few months? Or that if the water quality is poor, deposits will form within weeks which considerably reduce the efficiency of the system?

The experts at Achenbach know the answers to the urgent questions of water treatment and have retrofitted even decades-old steam boilers and taught them how to save energy. Our knowledge helps you to optimize your energy costs.

Our Competence: Waste Heat Utilisation

Today, steam is mainly used in industry as a heat transfer medium and to save energy. In modern boiler plants, this is done by using waste heat from many industrial processes or biogas from combined heat and power plants (CHP) and pollutant combustion.

In our waste heat boilers or hybrid boilers, the process heat is returned to the system. Primary energy sources such as gas, oil or electricity are thus saved.

Let us convince you: We will gladly send you our rule of thumb for an approximate calculation of the recovered power and thus the saved energy costs.

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