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Achenbach GmbH
Am Stübel 26

Tel.: 02391 9591-0
Fax: 02391 9591-11

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Achenbach GmbH - We focus on steam boiler and the equipment, such as water purification, delivery, installation, optimization and maintenance under one roof! Achenbach GmbH offers steam boiler and water purificatio in the highest quality. Since 1987 a highly specialized team of technicians focuses and engineers on steam boilers and water purification. Steam-boilers in the range 0,5-30 bar overpressure corresponding with temperatures of 111-235 ° C are our core competence. Steam-boiler and steam armatures in quality, trust us! We look for customized solutions for the energy steam to develop. Waste heat boilers in various designs are among our core competencies. Based on your analysis of water and the water cycle, we manage to meet requirements of your water. Water purification, water sample cooler, feed water tank. Rental boilers. Our experienced technicians install for transitional periods steam boiler in accordance with your needs and provide you with advice and support when it comes to TÜV approvals or other issues. Engineering as applied science, so we understand our business. Learn about our water samples coolers, feed water tank. Ask us. Our Achenbach service. What we do for the environment. Contact us and find out about our steam boilers, steam amatures, waste heat boilers.



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Achenbach GmbH - Energy Systems – Waste Heat Usage – Steam Boiler – Waste Heat Boiler
Achenbach GmbH · Am Stübel 26 · 58840 Plettenberg-Ohle
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